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The acronym "FKK" stands for "Frei Koerper Kultur." Directly translated, this means "Free Body Culture" and has long referred to the nudist lifestyle. This definition now also refers to German FKK Sauna clubs, which have been part of the German landscape for nearly 30 years. German FKK Sauna clubs are located near most major towns and cities (with a high concentration of quality ones in North Rhine-Westphalia), and offer discerning gentlemen a place to relax in a discreet, legal environment designed for their pleasure. They are like health spas or clubs, where guests can have a massage or a sauna bath; enjoy catered, restaurant-quality food and beverages; with the company of attractive women, all at a reasonable price.


German FKK Sauna clubs feature attractive women in their physical prime (18-30's). Women from all over the world work at the German FKK Sauna clubs, giving the customer a choice from many nationalities.  Larger FKK Sauna clubs may have up to 60 women working on a given day. Even smaller German FKK Sauna clubs have a good-sized selection.  We've never been to a place and not found someone appealing...


We've scouted many clubs and recommend ones with reasonable entry fees (between $30-$75 USD). Everyone pays the same price and entry fees include free food and beverages (many times including beer), and use of all facilities (saunas, swimming pools, etc.). Guests are encouraged to stay as long as they like.  We have spent over 12 hours at clubs and have enjoyed 3 meals and countless drinks for less than it would have cost us for a day on the town.​

Each club sets a standard price for time with a girl- which is generally $40-$75 per 20 minutes of whatever you want in a private room.  We are there to help you figure out how everything works in the process and make recommendations based on our knowledge of the clubs and women.

Club Atmosphere

Men dress in spa attire (a robe or a towel around the waist, and sandals). Women appear totally nude, or at most, in lingerie and bikinis, in natural lighting. There are no surprises when the clothes come off. Most German FKK Sauna clubs offer a no-pressure environment, leaving the guest free to approach the women. There's no pressure to do anything.  On days when we were low on cash, we have spent full days there chatting up women but never spending a dime taking anyone to a room.  If someone in your group does not plan to participate in anything, he will be fine just spending the day enjoying the views, the food and the spa.

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